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The Milky Way Panorama

The Milky Way Panorama Poster - Item number DS201 - Image © Digital Sky LLC.

A 360 degree, all-sky panorama of the Milky Way galaxy from the inside. This image of the Milky Way Galaxy is larger than other Milky Way posters and it contains more detail. The original data file is so large that a special 28 foot print is on display at a Science Museum. This poster is 60" by 16" in size, printed on quality poster paper. Retail Price=$ 16.00

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New! The Milky Way Panorama is now available in a laminated version. The poster is laminated on both sides with medium thickness laminate. This makes a very durable poster. It is ideal for a hallway where people will want to touch the poster or an observatory wall where there might be dew. Retail Price=$ 24.00


New! The Milky Way Panorama is now available in a large format inkjet print. The prints are made on premium matte photographic quality paper at high resolution. The paper is especially good at showing high contrast and rich, dark blacks, such as the sky backgrounds. The standard size is 84" by 24". This is an 7 foot poster! It needs a large wall, but it is truly stunning. The print is shipped to you rolled in a tube, ready to be mounted or framed. This would make a great presentation for a corporate entrance or conference room. Are you listening Meade or Celestron? The 7 footer costs only $120.00.

New! The Milky Way Panorama Print is also available in a 48 inch wide inkjet version. It is the same high resolution image printed on high quality paper but it is 48" by 12" in size and does not need quite as much wall space. The 4 footer costs only $30.00.



About the Milky Way Galaxy Image

This is a stunning poster that captures the mysterious beauty of our home galaxy. This perspective is a 360 degree view from our place in the cosmos. We are seeing the Milky Way from inside; from the Earth's location.

This amazing poster was made from eight separate images taken on large format film. The images were scanned and digitally composited to make the The Milky Way Panorama.

To download the informational brochure(printed size is 11 x 17) that explains the poster in Adobe Acrobat PDF format(500K), Click Here.