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Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Now available in 2 sizes:

24 x 36 and 18 x 24.

Item number DS369 - Hubble Ultra Deep Field

This stunning image is an inkjet Gallery Print 24" by 36" in size, printed on high quality photographic paper. Suggested Retail Price = $ 40.00. Ready for mounting and framing.

Now, this stunning Gallery Print is also available in a 18" x 24" size, printed on the same high quality photographic paper. Suggested Retail Price = $25.00.



The NASA Hubble Space Telescope used its refurbished cameras to take the longest and deepest exposures yet of a small part of the sky where nothing had been found with ground based telescope. Nearly a million seconds of exposure over almost 4 months produced this stunning image that shows as estimated 10,000 galaxies over a 3 arc minute field of view.

This historic new deep view is actually two images of a region in the constellation Fornax, which is below the well known constellation of Orion. One image was taken with the ACS, Advanced Cameral for Surveys, and the other was taken with NICMOS, Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer. The combined image sees farther and fainter objects than even the previous Hubble Deep Fields taken in 1995 and 1998 with older cameras which were replaced with a Space Shuttle Servicing Mission in 2002.

Astronomers are expected to spend years debating the significance of these images and much follow on research has already been proposed.