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The Andromeda Galaxy

Item number MW301 - The Andromeda Galaxy - M31

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The Andromeda Galaxy is a spectacular object in binoculars for northern hemisphere observers. It is even visible to the naked eye under dark sky conditions. It is favorite target for astrophotographers because of it brightness and large size (about 3 degrees wide) and there are many images of this galaxy. But this one is special. It was taken by well known astrophotographers Tony and Daphne Hallas (

M31 is believed to be similar to our own Milky Way Galaxy in appearance. It is larger and is the nearest large galaxy (about 2.5 million light years distant) in our galactic neighborhood. It is the largest member of the Local Group, of which the Milky Way is also a member.

M31 also has two satellite galaxies, M32 and M110. Both are small elliptical galaxies shown prominently in the photo.